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Radio Airplay
Radio Airplay
Radio Airplay
Radio Airplay

Radio Airplay

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Viral Radio Airplay is not just a submission service where we digitally deliver your next single directly to key radio station programmers and disc jockeys, but a GUARANTEED AIRPLAY SERVICE!!  Unlike many others who simply just service your music, we GUARANTEE IT WILL ACTUALLY GET PLAYED! We have partnered with radio station owners, program directors, and disc jockeys in order to GUARANTEE that your music is not just HEARD by them, but PLAYED by them! The strong relationships that we have developed has allowed us to market records within the radio community at all levels (Internet, Satellite, College, and Terrestrial Commercial FM Radio) SUCCESSFULLY. As a client of ViralMediaBoost.com, you too can start receiving real radio airplay within the next 72 hours!! We will provide you with detailed weekly BDS/Mediabase Reports. We service the following genres of music, pop, rhythmic urban, hip hop, r&b, rock, alternative, country, gospel, & christian rap. Make sure all music is clean before submission! 

STEP # 1: Review and select your genre which fits the format of your music. 

STEP # 2: Your music will be encoded with the necessary monitoring companies based upon the type of campaign you selected. This process takes up to 72 hours (excluding weekends) to complete. An official “Going For Adds” date will be assigned for your release (typically within one week after we receive your music), which notifies the radio station programmers of our interest to have your music added to rotation.

STEP # 3: 
We will digitally deliver your broadcast quality MP3 (128 kbps or better) to the station panel you selected for airplay consideration on your “Add” date. Your music will be saved on our servers where radio station programmers will have access to it anytime during your campaign.

STEP # 4: Our staff will follow-up with the station programmers via both phone calls and emails to confirm they have your music and are considering it for airplay. In addition, a mail of your music will be sent to the station programmers one week after the “Add” date as a reminder of your music and to reemphasize direct visibility and awareness.

STEP # 5: You will receive weekly tracking reports (BDS / Mediabase or DigitalRadioTracker (DRT) Report) either on Mondays or Tuesdays depending on the type of campaign selected. These reports will include the stations that added your music to rotation, the number of spins you received for the week, total spin count per station and much more!

Viral Media Boost offers a GUARANTEED airplay service at an affordable rate. Start getting airplay within the next few hours from any of our various station panels!


*Reminder* Radio Airplay Is Guaranteed, Yes!!!!But for  Major FM stations, we submit your music to them but not all are guaranteed to spin. Most of your spins will come from Internet, Satellite,  Colleges, & some FM Stations if they like it!  Our GUARANTEED Commercial FM Radio Airplay starts at just $2000+ for rotation and $1500+ for mix-show airplay campaigns.   Please contact us via email with mp3 format record, ideal budget,  and we will contact you back with more details.