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Buy Instagram Mentions
Buy Instagram Mentions
Buy Instagram Mentions
Buy Instagram Mentions
Buy Instagram Mentions

Buy Instagram Mentions

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Select a Instagram user thats popular in your targeted interest audience. For example, if you're music is real hip-hip similar to J Cole, target a J Cole fan page or J Cole's direct user account. It can even be your competitor! 


We scrape the user followers of the target audience account you specified and then mention them in a post of your choice on your account. Mentions deliver a @username in the form of an comment to an Instagram post. Once the username is delivered in the form of @username the post becomes visible in that users feed.


Instantly, all users will receive a notification of being mentioned in your post. Sit back while your account grows with targeted Instagram followers and increased engagement. This is a good way to get your targeted interest to see your music content on your page. Good way to grow your page instantly. Remember, having good content matters!


If someone with a private profile mentions someone who isn’t one of their followers on a photo or video, the person mentioned will be able to see part of the comment in the “You” section of Activity. They may get a push notification, but won’t be able to navigate through to the private photo or video.
If someone with a private profile leaves a comment on a photo that a public Instagrammer uploaded, their comment will be visible and their username will be clickable below that photo.
If you send a photo/video to a specific group of people with Instagram Direct, only those people can see the comments or mentions associated with that photo/video.


Step 1: Choose Package (Number of Peoples want to tag in the post).

Step 2: Enter Your Instagram Post Link At Checkout 

Step 3: Enter the Username of the account whose followers you want to tag onto that post.

Step 4: Make payment!

Your order will began within 0-72 hrs!

This is the best marketing strategy on Instagram because you can target a specific audience from a similar/competitor account & grow instantly!!