10 Dollar Spotify Playlist
10 Dollar Spotify Playlist

10 Dollar Spotify Playlist

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We now bring to you $10 Spotify Playlist submission! Guaranteed to get a few 100 streams on your song within a weeks time. To guarantee your playlist, following instructions listed below! Anything missing you will not get placed!

  1. Subscribe to all "playlist" provided below on Spotify
  2. Follow @ViralChrisTV on Instagram
  3. Make payment
  4. Provide your Spotify song url (NOT ALBUM) If album or playlist link you will be skipped & not refunded!
  5. Provide Instagram @username in notes
  6. Post playlist cover on your Instagram with a caption stating your song will be placed on one of @thecloutnetwork playlist. Make sure you tag

Make sure 1-6 is completed! If not, you will be skipped when we check!

Placement can take 2-7 days for placement!



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