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    Vans Suing Tyga & MSCHF Over Sneaker Rip-Offs

    • 1 min read

    Vans Suing Tyga & MSCHF Over Sneaker Rip-Offs

    Tyga is in hot water with Vans after releasing his own sneaker, which is almost the spitting image of their shoes.

    The "Rack City" star unveiled his "Wavy Baby" sneaker in collaboration with MSCHF. If you recall, they are the same company that Nike reprimanded for releasing an unauthorized Air Max sneaker with Lil Nas X. And now, it appears that MSCHF is up to its same old tricks.

    The "Wavy Baby" footwear is so similar to Vans that even the packing is nearly identical, using the same red and brown box and tissue paper. The shoe itself is black with white "wavy" streaks on the side, favoring the classic skateboard shoe. The bottom of the Wavy Baby's is designed to mimic waves.

    In their lawsuit, Vans slammed the team for mocking their designs in a calculated effort to confuse consumers. In the suit, Vans also shared that they tried to work with MSCHF on the concept. However, the company said that Vans terms were unreasonable, prompting them to move forward with the shoe release without the company.

    As if now, Wavy Baby's are sold out on the MSCHF website. So any gag order put in place to stop sales is useless at the moment. However, a judge could rule to halt further production of the shoe and force Tyga and MSCHF to hand over all proceeds collected from the sneaker.