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    Tips to Making a Low Budget Music Video that Look Like a Million Bucks

    • 4 min read

    Tips to Making a Low Budget Music Video that Look Like a Million Bucks

    Most independent artists do not have a lot of cash to spend on creating dope videos. Hence, the need to make a video with a small budget and yet make it look as exotic as possible.

    Listed below are tips that will help you know what to set and how to set them so you can make your music video look touché as much as possible without breaking the bank.

  • Get Your Friends Involved.
  • If you have good friends, you should be able to relate with them and get them involved in your project. Your friends can bring their smartphones to help you get angles that you can cut between when you are editing your videos. And if you need actors or special characters for particular scenes, your friends can as well play those roles. Getting a crowd for your music video is also easy too using friends.

  • Work Quickly
  • When you plan to use your friends, you should ensure you don’t waste people’s time. As soon as you get your friends together, ensure you work as fast as possible so they can go back to their normal routine. Also, no matter the concept that you come up with, see it that it is done quickly, between 4-6 hours.

  • Work in One Location
  • Yes, you have some beautiful shooting ideas in your head, and you have taken out a plan on how you want to have a beautiful shoot for your music video. But multiple locations doesn’t guarantee you a great music video. You can create several beautiful scenes in one location. You just have to be creative with your background choices and the angles of your camera and your video will come out looking like you traveled round the world to shoot it.

    There are lots of things to worry about since you are the chief financier of your music video. Hence it would be best if you did away with all those complexities that come with shooting in many locations. Identify a good spot in your community, get together all those around you, and use your energy to make it work.

  • Have Some Interesting Visual Elements
  • You can memorize your song backward and shoot it in reverse; this way, you stand a good chance of defying gravity; even if you don’t have the time to change your environment and add any special effects, you can use this method to create the interesting visual element.

    You may not do all the reverse recording things, but choose to paint your face or wear a funny costume slowly. Just do something that stands you out and will make the video standard.

    One thing you will learn when you shoot a video is that you will be under much pressure. The entire burden is on you. Just ensure you see through all the important aspects of the shoot. Do not depend much on volunteers and friends; rather, do the extra to ensure that you are not completely dependent on anyone. Human beings are never 100% reliable except the gifted ones.

    If you had planned that anyone take up a part of the video, as a backup plan, you should practice that part too so that you don’t end up being stranded when the person fails. Except you are certain that those involved in the production and shooting of the video are as dedicated as you are, you should always put the whole pressure on yourself. Do not relax!

    Many times when you prepare for a project, even when you do all you can, you may still get one or two disappointments from those you assigned tasks to or relied on to get something done for you. To prevent that, there are areas in your music videos that will need you to use the service of a professional such as editing the video, but the truth is that you may still need to learn how to edit in order to reduce cost.

    There are several free video editing lessons online you can sign up on one and get the hang of the skill sets to make your own video, with little or no help at all.

    You may feel that it is a lot of work, learning and being part of everything. But that’s some stress that's going to pay off in the long run. You should know a bit every step in your video production so you can help yourself when you cannot get help outside. This is also important if you plan on shooting your video with low budgets too, as is the case here.

    Lastly, while shooting your video, drop some snippets of it on social media to create to some buzz while you work on the release. It doesn’t necessarily have to be like a thriller, it could be some behind the scene kind of images or video clips. Ensure you do some social media promotion to get the best reach and get recommended for your videos. All of these help to make sure that your sweats and sacrifices amount to something really great or appreciable at the end of the day.