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    Rapper Trina Announces Her Engagement 

    • 1 min read

    Rapper Trina Announces Her Engagement 

    Female hip-hop pioneer Trina has announced her engagement to longtime beau Raymond Taylor. 


    The “Pull Over” rapper shared the exciting news last week during an Instagram Live session with her friend, Stormy Wellington. She flashed her massive diamond ring in the camera as she gloated over the news of her engagement. 




    Not much is known about Taylor, other than the couple has been together for at least five years. He has managed to keep a low profile, only appearing beside her on “Love & Hip-Hop Miami” briefly a few times. He is said to be a former college athlete who went on to pursue music.


    Trina has also kept their relationship under wraps for a while, never disclosing much about their love affair to social media or on television. 


    The 46-year-old is best known for her breakout anthem, “Da Baddest B*tch,” which was followed by hit records such as “That’s Cool,” “Here We Go Again,” and “Single Again.”


    Congratulations to Trina and Raymond!


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