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    Quavo's Personal Assistant Gets Paid $5,000 a Day

    • 1 min read

    Quavo's Personal Assistant Gets Paid $5,000 a Day

    Anyone looking for a career change may want to get in touch with rapper Quavo, who is starting his employees out at $5,000 per day.

    On Tuesday, the Migos frontman took flexing to a whole new level when he shared a photo to his Instagram followers that showed him and his personal assistant, Joshua Washington, standing outside. Washington is seen holding an umbrella over the QC star as he scrolls on his phone. In the caption, Quavo shared the handsome salary that he pays his aide.

    "5k a Day My Asst. A Millionaire," he revealed.


    A quick math equation concludes that Washington is bringing in over $1 million before taxes, which is one heck of a wage for a personal assistant. Many of today's rappers are not making that kind of bank, which places the young man on the wealthiest hip-hop staff list.

    Is Quavo the boss of the year? His assistant might say so.



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