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    Man Shot While Attending Young Dolph Memorial Site

    • 1 min read

    Man Shot While Attending Young Dolph Memorial Site

    A man was shot while visiting the Young Dolph memorial as tensions in Memphis boil over following the murder of the beloved rapper.


    On Thursday, as a large crowd gathered outside of Makeda’s Cookies, where Dolph was gunned down, gunfire erupted. While the crowd scattered, one man was seen injured and being carried to a silver Nissan SUV. He was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening wounds. Two men were arrested at the scene, while another was caught nearby at an intersection.


    Instances such as these are what the city is desperate to avoid in the wake of Dolph’s murder. Memphis police are urging residents to refrain from retaliation and to let them conduct a proper investigation. Police Chief CJ Davis has asked people to stay in their homes unless they need something.


    The “Preach” star was slain on Wednesday afternoon when two assailants arrived at Makeda’s Cookies shortly after him and opened fire through the window. Still shots from the surveillance video show two gunmen wearing masks holding firearms aimed at the building. The suspects remain at large.



    Let’s continue to keep the family of Young Dolph in our thoughts and prayers.



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