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    How to Make Your Old Music Sound Modern

    • 3 min read

    How to Make Your Old Music Sound Modern


    With the way technology is advancing, you can get almost  anything you want. The innovative arm of technology has reached the music industry; with just a stroke of few keys, you can turn your old music into something modern with lots of profound effects. Below are some tips that will help you to arrange your old tracks to sound like something new.

    There are lots of values in music; hence they should not be affected by time and thrown away just like that. With some great tools, you can turn a song that was once a big hit ten years ago to something the younger and recent generation can relate to and love. Singing nowadays is more about changing patterns and removing old styles, but the lyrics are still much valuable.

    The following can help you make your old songs evergreen:

    1. Remove unwanted sounds

    Old records seem not to be as interesting as more recent recordings because of unwanted hissing sounds. You can apply innovative software such as Audacity, Groove Mechanic to clean vintage music; this software will give it a recording quality of the 21st century.

    2. Compress

    One thing old music has in common sometimes is their too long lines; you can use compression software to eliminate those excesses and make your old track more punchy, loud, and catchy. This compression software will make your old track sound accepted to the young population. The software will help you increase the drum and brass's effect while other instruments are suppressed to make the track sound new and rhythmic.

    3. Eliminate reverbs

    New tracks are dried up and do not contain any reverbs, so using technology to eliminate the reverb to make your old track neater and modern is one way to rejig your old track. Also, you can tune the reverb down all the way and not remove it. Dry tracks (without reverb) will help your old track be edgy, and this can make it more acceptable to the new audiences.

    4. Side-chaining

    Many music producers make use of this technique to change the music track to get rid of the old vibes and make the track modern. Side-chaining is done by applying the output of a track to change the compression on another track; this is done to modify the mix.

    The technique is also used to provide more room for vocals. You can use this tool to change your tracks; if your old tracks are focused on the instrument, you should side-chain another track into the mix to draw attention to the vocals.

    Doing this will give your music another vibe and add attraction to it despite being an old track. Side-chaining also provides the option of changing the string of your older track, making it more presentable so people can dance.

    5. Limit melody 

    Old music always has an undeserving emphasis on melody, and one way you can make your old track enjoy the present-day relevance is by using only the most straightforward riffs for your songs. Riffs are very popular in a different genre of music; hence you need to reduce them to give your track a modern look.

    In the past, musicians knew how to use some musical instrument, and the music was created by persons who know how to play the instrument, but presently, you do not need to know how to play any music to create catchy or popular music. After editing the melody, you can listen to know if the sound pleases you before saving it; if not, you can limit the changes.

    6. Use Sound Effect 

    Making a new copy of an old track with new and innovative permanent filters will also give your music a new vibe. You could also do this by adding a low-pass filter to block the highs and giving room to the lows, thereby creating a new feel for your old music. Types of filters include the low-pass filter, band-pass filters, and the high-pass filters. All these filters are made to allow a particular frequency to pass through, creating a new opportunity for modernizing your old tracks.


    Finally, remaking your old music track is an excellent way to keep your fans engaged especially in this lockdown. It would help if you keyed into any of these methods to make your fans stay committed to you.