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    How to Get Started in the Music Industry

    • 4 min read

    How to Get Started in the Music Industry

    Pursuing a music career is not easy as it tends to be, it is a long journey that begins to pay off over time. We are here to help you turn your dream into reality with these quick tips on how to get started in the music industry. And if you are already a budding artiste, this piece will definitely help you to grow.

    Here are some of the tips on how to get started in the music industry:

    1.       Be Prepared to Join the Music Industry

    As they say,“when you get to Rome, behave like the Romans.” And this can only be possible if you are aware of the traditions and practices in Rome. getting started in the music industry, you have to take your time to understand the system first before any other thing. Be fully prepared for the challenges and fun times that you will experience while you are at it, this would help you in your quest to thrive in the World of Music.

    1.       Build your Brand

    While you are concerned about producing music and getting every track out there in the market, don’t lose focus on the need to build your brand. The basis of starting out a career in the music industry is to invest time and money to building yourself and learning how things are run. No knowledge is a waste and as such you should take your time to develop yourself on other aspects of music production and the industry at large. Building your brand entails creating an identity for yourself, developing your own voice, owning a lifestyle, and growing your followers, networks, partnerships and collaborations. You don’t start paying attention to these aspects when you are already a made musicians, rather you start to build a solid music brand for yourself. 

    1.       Start Small

    Getting started in the music industry does not necessarily mean that you will become famous overnight although some artists get famous from their debut release. A majority of others are not that lucky. So, when you don’t get the “can-I-get-your autograph” expression at the mall after your first or second releases, don’t beat yourself up - big things take time to happen.

    There are a lot of things you can do while starting small. You can get started in the music industry by going on live performance at a club, a school party, a neighborhood party, just about anywhere you know that people will be gathered and interested to watch you. This is a good way to get started in the music industry before the big invites start popping.

    1.       Register your Songs on Streaming Sites to Gain Recognition and Royalties

    One of the perks of being an artist is that you are entitled to royalties each time your song is played or viewed (if it is in a video format). Registering your song under the law and joining a performing rights organization helps you to secure every bit of royalty that you legitimately own. Also distributing your song on streaming sites increases your income each time your song is streamed.

    Knowing how this works is a head starter for you to reap the benefits of your hard work once you get launched in the music industry.



    1.       Build a Team

    Before you get started in the music industry, you need to have a long term goal on what you want to achieve from music. If you are able to plot a plan then there is a need for you to build a team that aligns with your plan and would help you achieve your goal.

    The key people that you will be needing include managers, booking agent (s), promoters, marketing strategists and an entertainment attorney. All these people are vital to your dream and if they are willing to grow with you, sweat it out with you and celebrate with you, then you know you’ve got yourself a strong team that will help make your music career flourish.

    1.     Network and Communicate

    In this journey, everybody is important down to the least person in your life. All you need is one push from that popular blogger, playlister, influencer or tastemaker to help boost your song to their audience.

    Nothing goes for nothing, everybody wants a tit for tat. In order to get a favor from these people you have to leverage on what you can offer them. Hence the need to communicate with as many people as possible and put yourself out there. You can build an audience by doing the simple things, get on social media platforms and market your brand to your audience.

    1.       Learn from Other Artists

    Everybody has a success story that is backed up with many failures. You can only know this if you start getting close to them or you read a story about them. These stories would help to motivate you into building a tenacious spirit and chasing your dreams with everything in you.

    Learn from others and structure your career with the knowledge you got from your role models in the music industry.

    Starting out in the music industry can be very challenging but you can get going if you have the survival spirit. Hope this serves as a guide to your path, getting started in the music industry.