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    How to Get into the Music Industry with Zero Experience

    • 3 min read

    How to Get into the Music Industry with Zero Experience

    I know you must have heard that the Music Industry is already crowded. This is a fear many young artists usually have, and this gives them a wrong impression that will not let them take enough bold steps as upcoming artists.

    There are ways to get recognized in the music industry, even if you have no experience as an artist. Several artists soon become so popular that they outshine those they meet in the industry.

    Here are a few hints that can take you into the Music Industry with no experience.

    Always be overly optimistic

    This is one of the tools that you can control; hence you should use it well. When you have a plan and have vetted the possibility of operating such plans, you should do well to see it executed. If you begin this journey into the music industry with an undying optimism, then you will be strong enough to ward off the negative comments you will get as you are starting.

    There are about 100,000 albums released yearly, and getting you to penetrate through that record is quite a task. Merely being a positive thinker will not get you there; you will have to ensure you have the enthusiasm to continue.

    You should always do your best. This should apply to everything that you do. It should begin with the music that you listen to. This is so because society can sometimes lower our expectations, and this can affect what we eventually produce.

    With zero experience, you will have to ensure you bring out something that is above the norm; it is only that way you can get everyone’s attention. And even if you have personal preferences, you should listen to a wide range of music this will make you see the beauty in all that is called music.

    With just the right foundation, you will be able to build yourself into an authority in the music field. And guess what, that is all your listeners would want from you. They want to ensure that you know what you are doing.

    Do not take advice from everyone:

    Advice is good and can help you get through obstacles. But then taking some pieces of advice can also be the beginning of your failure. Hence, you have to exercise some level of discretion when you listen to advices from people.

    You may be tempted to seek advice from those who have made tremendous success, but then you should also know that people who have failed may as well have useful knowledge to share, which may be helpful to you on your way to stardom, especially if they recognized their mistakes and are better off knowing what they could have done differently.

    Connect with other peers with similar experience level:

    There is one thing with the Music Industry; it is that you may not be able to fly alone. At the initial stages, you will need your fellow compatriots. You all will need to help yourselves with tips, mentions here and there, and sometimes, you could begin a free live performances by all your friends.

    Hanging around your friends will make you benefit from their progress too. You will learn from their mistakes and also get their opinions on certain actions you wish to take. Two heads are better than one, they say.

    It would help if you learned how to produce your music:

    The era where you will need a big recording studio is gone. Hence you should learn to produce your music. It is undoubtedly going to take time and money to do this, but then it is progress. Those who learn to produce their music have their chance of becoming successful in the long run. So get to work and learn the ropes of music production.

    Finally, know that Rome wasn’t built in a day: many things would lead you to your success, but in all these, you should acknowledge the fact that success is a gradual process. Take all the steps and do all that you have been told. Be deliberate about learning new things and meeting new people.