Bobby Shmurda Says He Paid Only $20 to Record “Hot N—a” - Viral Media Boost

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    Bobby Shmurda Says He Paid Only $20 to Record “Hot N—a”

    • 2 min read

    Bobby Shmurda Says He Paid Only $20 to Record “Hot N—a”


    Bobby Shmurda is widely known for having one of the biggest records of 2014. However, the New York rapper says despite the massive success of “Hot N—a,” the song took very little effort to create.


    On Saturday, Shmurda took to Twitter to share a few inspirational words regarding his hit single, encouraging his fans to never give up on their goals. 


    “Too many people got a DREAM that they never chased, then go through life and be angry they never tried,” he wrote. 





    He also went on to tell followers that the song only took one hour to record and cost him just 20 bucks in studio time. The “Hot N—a” beat was originally made for Philly rapper Meek Mill but ended up in the hands of Lloyd Banks, who used it for a 2012 track called “Jackpot.” However, once producer Jahlil Beats placed the instrumental on one of his Crack Music mixtapes, Shmurda decided to put his spin on it.


    That humble recording session led to “Hot N-gga” peaking at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and going 5x-platinum. The video features Shmurda’s viral dance moves and has amassed over 777 million YouTube views.


    Relive the magic that is “Hot N—a” below.



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