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    4 Ways Musicians can Earn via YouTube

    • 3 min read

    4 Ways Musicians can Earn via YouTube

    Artists are always fortunate when it comes to YouTube. YouTube comes with lots of options for upcoming artists and established musicians to satisfy their followers. With YouTube, your music content can earn you good money with just little effort. There are lots of video platforms for artists, but YouTube stands out. In this article, you will get to see novel ways in which you can let those creative contents you upload bring you good earnings.

    There are numerous ways you can get money from your videos; you can place ads or make use of the different programs that YouTube has put in place. This way, YouTube makes it relatively easy for everyone to make money from the platform. 


    1.    YouTube Partnered Program

    Partnered program is another terminology for splitting-the-profits. If you are an independent artist, then YouTube partnered program is an excellent platform for you to start earning. With this program, you get to earn money from the ads placed on your videos for your fans. Once you are enrolled, you can focus on creating great music videos while the program helps match advertisements to your video and for your audience.

    YouTube collects money for the ads and splits a certain percentage with you. However, to be part of this program, you have to get up to 1000 subscribers and must have received 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months.

    1.    YouTube content ID

    This is a digital fingerprinting system that most content creators use to track their videos; digital tracking helps you to identify and manage your content on YouTube, especially if they are copyrighted.

    It may be challenging to upload it yourself. You can use a symphonic client to get a YouTube Content ID for your video. And anytime anyone uploads a video or audio; it begins to compare your content with those recently uploaded around the world.

    If the content uploaded matches yours, it is monetized, and then royalties are claimed. This function helps to ensure that your hard work is not illegally shared by just anyone. The last thing you want is someone taking credit for your work.

    1.    YouTube Premieres

    It is a new feature that forms a mix between traditional YouTube videos and a live stream. Just like a regular YouTube video, but this time it is pre-recorded. You announce the time for the Premiere to your fans and play the recording live. YouTube Premieres have the option of turning on a live chat and the donations button.

    Your viewers can chat with other viewers as this premier is going on; it is more like a live stream but with the option to donate. As this is going on, you have the liberty to join the chat while the video is playing. The donate button can go a long way to supporting your brand.

    1.    YouTube cards

    You can use Cards to create a pop-up and sell tickets to your viewers. You can also add a link to pre-release songs and even create a link to other videos. If you enable cards, it will push your audience to other videos where they might want to buy tickets, watch more videos and can be guided directly to your Merch store.

    No matter how much time you spend creating your lyrics or writing songs, without a good strategy to earn, you won’t make the most from your videos. You should ensure to employ any of the mediums explained here to get the best from your music videos.