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    YouTube Rolls Out Super Thanks Tipping Feature for All Creators

    • 2 min read

    YouTube Rolls Out Super Thanks Tipping Feature for All Creators

    YouTube's Super Thanks function is now available to all YouTube Partner Program eligible creators.

    The feature allows viewers to tip creators for individual uploaded videos. Before expanding this feature, it was selected randomly only for a select number of creators. Now, millions of YouTubers in 68 countries will be able to take advantage of this seamless monetization tool. All creators will need to do is enable the feature via YouTube Studio.

    According to the platform, this latest payment tool is used as a way for viewers to thank impactful creators.

    "Imagine if you could say a special thank you to your favorite creators or show appreciation for specific videos that have taught you something new or helped you. With Super Thanks, now you can," said Samantha Stevens, the product manager of Paid Digital Goods at Youtube.

    How to Get Paid?

    The feature allows viewers to show extra appreciation by tipping one of the pre-set amounts, which will appear near the video. The lowest a person can tip is $2, while the highest is $50. With the new upgrades, viewers can also personalize their Super Thanks messages. Previously, if a viewer sent a Super Thanks, the creator would receive an automated message. The company hopes that allowing tippers to customize the note will make the interaction more personal.

    What Does This Mean for Artists?

    This is another excellent tool to get musicians paid. By activating this feature on your YouTube channel, each music video has the potential to make extra money. The more the music video is viewed, the better the chances viewers are willing to tip.

    This is an incentive for artists to post more visual content on YouTube. It does not only have to be a music video. Behind-the-scenes footage, storytimes, and day-in-the-life videos are great content subjects that fans enjoy.


    Take five seconds out of your day and activate this feature in your YouTube Studio. It's quick and easy and does not take much effort. While you're at it, go ahead and take advantage of the Super Chat monetization feature. This allows creators to bring in money from their live streams. The Super Stickers feature is another way fans can support the creators they love.

    Our goal here at Viral Media Boost is to get you paid. Be on the lookout for more free monetization hacks such as this one.

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