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    Your "Coming Soon" Snippet & Reminders to Promote It Before Video Release Day

    • 2 min read

    Your "Coming Soon" Snippet & Reminders to Promote It Before Video Release Day

    Do you have a new single and music video in the works? Do not wait until release day to begin promoting your record. The time is now. All you need is a clip of the upcoming visual to launch your release campaign. 

    Have your videographer make you a short clip of the visual with the words "coming soon" on it. This usually does not take much time to create, and most videographers are willing to assemble this clip as it helps promote their work as well. These short clips build anticipation and let your fans know you have something in the works. 

    Here are a few things every artist needs to do to promote all upcoming music videos.

    Ensure your music video SEO is perfect

    When releasing your video to your YouTube channel, take some time to make sure it's fully optimized to increase discoverability. Your video's title and description should correspond well. Also, make certain tags and categories are appropriate.

    YouTube countdown 

    Use the YouTube countdown feature to let your subscribers know that your new video is coming. It makes them aware and will help with aniticpation.

    Use Instagram Reels

    Share your "coming soon" clip to Instagram Reels. We know by now that the Reels tab gives much more exposure than regular posts. This is a great way uto promote your forthcoming music video.

    Social media ads

    Social media ads featuring your "coming soon" clip can greatly increase your following and your streams. 

    Begin posting your snippet weeks ahead of release

    Some musicians choose to drop music sporadically. The truth is, unless your name is Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Drake, or Kanye West, releasing your music video without a rollout won't yield any results. 

    Do interviews ahead of your video

    Go sit down and talk to blogs, podcasts, indie magazines, and anyone with a music-based audience. They can preview your music video on their show. Also, it helps drive your Google presence. 


    Releasing your music video is a big deal and should never be taken lightly. In a previous write-up, we gave you tips on campaign metrics you should be tracking and the importance of taking your time when releasing music videos. Review these as you gear up for your music video premiere. 

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