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    What NOT to Do With Money From Music Funding Program

    • 1 min read

    What NOT To Do With Money From Music Funding


    The Music Funding Program is meant to help artists grow their careers. However, many people are simply bad with money and will do the complete opposite.

    We've given our suggestions about what you should do with the money from the Music Funding Program, but here are a few things that we strongly advise against.

    Buying Jewelry

    As we've said before, we cannot make you use the funds for one specific thing, but we highly recommend you not spend all of your funds on jewelry. This may be okay for your "rapper image," but it does nothing for your career in the long run.

    Taking Lavish Trips

    Remember, you are supposed to be growing a career. This takes money and discipline. The urge to live it up in Jamaica or Dubai may be tempting. However, if you invest your funds correctly, you'll be able to ball out for a lifetime.

    Buying Expensive Cars

    Not only do cars value depreciate, but they also serve no purpose in your career. 

    Once you blow up, you'll be able to afford all of the lavish things your heart desires. But as for now, let's invest correctly.