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    What Not To Do When Promoting Your Music On Twitter

    • 1 min read

    What Not to do When Promoting Your Music On Twitter


    Many artists use Twitter to share their music with the world. The beauty of Twitter is that a simple retweet can get your latest song or music video in front of people who do not follow you at all. However, many artists go a little overboard with pushing their music to the point where they begin to lose followers.

    Here’s a little Twitter etiquette to ensure that you grow your following, not decrease it.

    1. Never tweet each of your followers telling them to check out your music.
    2. Don’t only tweet about your music.
    3. Never hassle your followers to retweet your music/content.
    4. Do not DM your followers every music release.
    5. Do not tweet your music under other people’s tweets.
    6. Do not tweet explicit content, especially from the account you’re promoting your music from.

    Every social media platform has its own set of “unsaid rules.” However, avid users of the site will tell you that doing anything from this list is highly annoying. 

    Best of luck with your music marketing this year!