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    Top 10 Hip Hop Ideas and Inspiration

    • 3 min read

    Top 10 Hip Hop Ideas and Inspiration


    As a young artist, many times, you will likely run out of ideas to create new content for your music. You can use any of these options listed here to generate fantastic and engaging content for your followers.

    Hip hop songs have several categories where they can draw inspiration from, and you should first know the genre you sing so you can fully grasp the essence of your hip hop contents.


    1. Controversial content

    This kind of content begins the list because it usually follows with some inquisition from your listeners. This kind of content will make your listeners listen more so that they can compare their responses to a topic with yours.

    Controversial contents have helped young hip hop artist to gain relevance in different fields. It doesn’t matter how it is; you could talk harshly about the government or another celebrity, you will be listened to by many followers and even those who don’t like your music. This is because it is intriguing and controversial at the same time.


    2. Real Life content

    Just as the name says, creating songs from your experiences. Songs created with this type of content get tractions from those who have been in that experience. The more reason why you have to ensure you sing about experiences that is quite common to everyone.


    3. Fictional content

    Hip hop ideas can come from creating fake or contents that are not real; that is contents from your imaginations. As a young artist, you may not have all of the experience you should create songs; this kind of content is used today; many artists do not experience all that they claim in their songs.


    4. Conscious content

    Creating content that pushes for a change in any societal values or social issues will pass for a conscious content idea. Look for any social or political issues you want to address, then create a hip hop song. Make it look insightful and polished; ensure it is filled with verified information, so you don’t lose your credibility while the track lasts.


    5. Party Music content

    Hip hop songs that focus on partying then it is a party content. You can create hip hop content that focuses on party music and all that has to do with clubbing. Creating content such as this will require you to experience partying and clubbing so you can easily relate. You should add some creativity to it when you are creating the party songs.


    6. Battle rap content

    Contents like this feature were dissing and insults about a personality, either real or fictional, that they do not like. Usually, you will hear rappers mention about their wealth and their girlfriends; this form of content is also known as bragging content.


    7. Conceptual content

    Conceptual content involves creating an idea and writing a song around the idea. You can create a concept of a political stronghold where people are afraid of speaking out under oppression. This kind of lyric will not jump around just like every other hip hop songs. Conceptual content hip hop songs do not veer out of the topic it is addressing.


    8. Story content

    This form of hip hop is that which a story is told as the lyric. It also holds fans and listeners in awe as they want to know what the end of the story sounds like. An excellent example of this kind of song is a song done by Eminem titled Stan. In his music, he tells a story of a fan who routinely sends him letters; stories for hip hop lyrics usually twist.


    9. Humorous content

    This content will come in handy when you are trying to make a joke about a situation. This kind of hip hop content passes across as comic relief and is mostly listened to fans and followers who want to while away time and for the fun of it. Contents like these are made from funny punch lines.


    10. Mixed

    This content is a mixture of several content ideas listed here; great hip hop songs can also be gotten from using more than one of the content ideas that are mentioned here.


    Getting content ideas for your hip hop is one thing, and getting the right content for the right audience is another thing; with these lists mentioned here, you can create content that will help your music career robust.