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    Tips For Selling Beats Online

    • 2 min read

    Tips For Selling Beats Online


    Upcoming producers looking to sell their beats have more options to capitalize off of their talents than ever before through the use of social media and other services. Check out a few tips that will help you to efficiently and securely turn a profit from your beats online.


    Create a Website For Your Beats


    Establishing a website for your beats can separate you from the sea of competition. WordPress, Wix, and Shopify can help you to create an easy-to-navigate webpage. As the beat purchasing process is smooth, buyers will be motivated to shop with you for their music needs. Be sure to include all details regarding the proper use of the beats to ensure no misunderstandings with how and where the musician may use the tunes.


    Use Beats Marketplace Websites


    Posting your beats on Soundclick, Beatstars, My Flash Store, and Beat Brokerz is a great way to sell your work quickly. Musicians frequent these websites looking for beats, so it is essential to make sure that you create a profile and keep it updated with your latest work. My Flash Store and Beat Brokerz have garnered the most popularity since they deliver beats directly to buyers once the purchase is complete.  


    Use Soundcloud


    Soundcloud has become a top contender for producers looking to get their beats heard. With the new monetization tools for Soundcloud creators, you can also get paid every time someone plays one of your tracks. 


    Whether you are new to the world of beat making or an established music maker, creating revenue from your beats will be mainly based on the methods you use to market and the quality of your work. Though there is no one way to market yourself, utilizing Soundcloud, social media, and networking with fellow beatmakers, artists and producers can ensure that your name continues ringing in the beat-making community. 



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