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    Tips For Beginner Music Ghostwriters

    • 2 min read

    Tips For Beginner Music Ghostwriters


    Ghostwriters are a vital part of the music industry. They serve as the creative driving force behind many of today's biggest names. Countless musicians depend on ghostwriters to make their projects stand out. Becoming a ghostwriter is a popular career option among artists who have not achieved mainstream success but still want to work in the music business.


    Check out some of our key recommendations for beginners who wish to start successfully ghostwriting for musicians.


    1. Make Quality Demos
      1. Make sure that you record your music so that other artists can preview it. They may be interested in songs you've already recorded that can be easily purchased and re-recorded, so be sure that the demos are quality. 
    2. Copyright Your Music
      1. Even as a ghostwriter, you can still own the rights to the songs you sell. Protect your work by copyrighting so that you receive proper royalties. 
    3. Build a Strong Social Media Presence
      1. Let your followers know you are a ghostwriter and post samples of your demos with appropriate hashtags. Here are a few of the most relevant ghostwriter hashtags: #ghostwriter #ghostwriterforhire #ghostwriters #ghostwriter4hire #ghostwriterscrew #ghostwriterLA
    4. Speak With the Artist Often
      1. Keep the communication open with the artist you're ghostwriting for. They will likely have a subject matter they want to speak about, so you'll need to make sure their vision for the record is clear before you begin writing unless they select a song you've pre-recorded.
    5. Provide Multiple Recordings of the Song
      1. Send the artist multiple versions of the song. Not only will this give them options, but it will show off your versatility as a ghostwriter. 
    6. Be Flexible
      1. While you are also an artist, remember that ghostwriting for someone else means that you are executing their musical vision. Be flexible with your beat selections, lyrics, cadence, and any other aspects of the record. You want to keep your client happy.

    We know that it can be hard to transition from making music for yourself to making it for others. However, there is excellent money in ghostwriting. According to Forbes, ghostwriters can bring in anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 upfront for their anonymous writing on a project. The time to get in the game is now.


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