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    Three Music Pitching Websites You Should Sign Up For

    • 1 min read

    Three Music Pitching Websites You Should Sign Up For


    Back in the day, pitching your music to labels and publishers took knowing the right people and a good stroke of luck. Luckily with the rise of social media and overall accessibility, this process has been streamlined.


    Today, we’ll go over three websites where artists and songwriters can easily submit their music to record labels, playlists, and fellow creators.


    Daimoon Media

    DaimoonMedia helps artists and songwriters showcase their talent on an international scale. By signing up for any of their three promotion tiers, this website will pitch your music to playlists on Spotify, YouTube, or SoundCloud. 


    Crucial Music

    Founded in 2006, Crucial Music is an excellent site that connects musicians with key players in the music business. Artists can even use this website to pitch their songs to be featured in films and shows. 



    Like Crucial Music, MusicOpps has options for pitching your music for films and television. MusicOpps offers a wide range of services for pretty much anywhere you are looking to get your music placed. 


    There are several other prominent music pitching websites that can guarantee you results. However, these three are worth checking out for those looking to expand their musical reach.


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