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    Three Essential Tips For Your First Stage Performance

    • 2 min read

    Three Essential Tips For Your First Stage Performance


    As an artist, your first stage performance will probably be the most nerve-wracking, chaotic, and fulfilling moment in your music career. It is a moment that you will never forget but also one that you should prepare for in-depth. 


    Today, we'll go over three steps that you should take in preparation for your stage debut.


    Know Your Lyrics 

    Forgetting your lyrics during a performance is one of the most horrendous experiences that artists may face. This can lead to long-lasting humiliation, especially if the flub goes viral. Prevent this by knowing your lyrics like the back of your hand. Practice performing them a cappella and with the beat. With the records that you plan on performing, be sure to play those throughout your day as you run errands or complete daily tasks to hear the lyrics repetitively.


    Practice Your Set List 

    Practice your setlist in the mirror of your home or your living room with a microphone. Once you get on stage, there is no room for error. Therefore, you need to know when you will be transitioning to a different song and how this transition will look and sound. 


    Get To Know Your Audience

    Before your big night, do your best to know the crowd you are performing in front of. If you are the opening act for a rap artist, you know that the attendees are already fans of that musician. Go through your catalog and choose an opening song similar to the type of music that the headliner makes. Or, if you are performing out of town, learn something unique about that city and reference it on stage. This will connect with the audience and motivate them to listen to what you have to say. 


    There are many ways to prepare for your first performance. However, you want to incorporate these three steps to better your chances of a flawless show. 


    Good luck!


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