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    The Two Types of Artist Management Contracts

    • 2 min read

    The Two Types of Artist Management Contracts


    There are pros and cons to having a manager, and it is up to an artist to weigh out each before deciding to take that step. If a manager is what you want, then you'll need to sign an artist management contract. There are two main types of artist management contracts that all artists should be aware of: exclusive and non-exclusive. 


    Exclusive Contract

    Only one manager is authorized to sign performers for the organization at any given time under an exclusive contract. And as long as each artist is only signed to one manager, the management will be able to sign an endless number of artists.


    In other words, an exclusive management contract is required if you want one manager to completely represent your career and make all business decisions on your behalf.


    Exclusive contracts are beneficial to artists because they give you complete control over how you negotiate terms and conditions, as long as you do not sign with more than one manager at the same time. It's also usually easier and less expensive to sign with an exclusive management company that can only manage one artist at a time than with an agency with a large number of clients hoping to be managed right now.


    Non-Exclusive Contract

    A non-exclusive contract indicates that various people on the company's behalf can manage your career. Artists, on the other hand, can only be handled by one manager at a time. The business determines how many managers it wants to recruit and which ones they like.


    If you wish to have multiple managers be able to sign off for you and make arrangements on your behalf, then a non-exclusive contract is the way to go. 


    The majority of artist contracts are non-exclusive, which means the artist is free to sign with other managers and record labels as they see fit. Many artists refuse to sign exclusive contracts because they fear that their manager will try to control their lives if the company has too many managers.


    So now that you know the different types of artist management contracts, you can make an informed decision regarding which one is appropriate for your career. It may benefit you to speak with other artists who have a management contract to see how their experience has been as long as you keep in mind that every artist's needs are different. 


    Good luck with your decision.


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