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    Take Your Time; Why You Shouldn't Rush Your Album

    • 2 min read

    Take Your Time; Why You Shouldn't Rush Your Album

    As a musician, you are likely eager to keep your fans fed with frequent releases. This strategy is seen with several musicians, such as NBA YoungBoy, who drops music frequently. While this can prove extremely beneficial for some artists, always remember to keep quality at the forefront of your art. 

    We understand that you want to keep your name ringing, but you also want your fans actually to retain your music and revisit it. This is known as your "replay value." A high replay value means that fans are listening to your project more than once. Having a low replay value usually indicates that people aren't likely to give your music a second listen after its initial release. In some cases, unveiling too much musical content can overwhelm fans and leave them unmotivated to check out your new offerings. 

    This is just one reason why taking your time with new tunes is not a bad idea. In fact, it can be more beneficial to your overall career. Today, we'll explore several valid reasons why pacing yourself with that new album is a great idea.

    More time to get features back

    Rushing your project means that you could be missing several vital elements. Holding off on your album gives you time to get back and preview features from other artists. If you are not pleased with the guest verse, you also have time to get it right with the musician.

    More time to write

    Giving yourself enough time to write the perfect hooks and verses can improve the overall quality of your lyrics. 

    More time to explore diverse producers

    Listening to beats from several producers is a job within itself. However, you cannot rush this. You need to go through and dissect every rhythm you want for your album. Think of the message you are trying to convey in the record. You'll need to be strategic with choosing suitable melodies.

    More time to prepare your rollout

    Your rollout should not be taken lightly. You'll need an in-depth marketing strategy to make your album a success. Think long and hard about your audience and how to reach them best. A good rollout also takes money, so give yourself extra time to secure funding.

    More time to record

    If you are a perfectionist like me, you likely record songs several times before being satisfied. You may even want to experiment with recording with a new engineer to compare mixing styles. Take your time with this process. Most artists rarely ever release the first take of a song. 


    We cannot tell you how much time you should give yourself before releasing an album. For every musician, this time frame is different and personal. Take Kendrick Lamar, for example, whose last studio project was in 2017, and his follow-up will arrive this year. While we don't suggest a new artist pulling off a five-year hiatus, there is something special about a musician who pays attention to every intricate detail. Let Viral Media Boost help perfect your marketing strategy as you put together your timeline. Check out our promotional and streaming services today.