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    Staying In Contact With Your Music Industry Connects Is Key

    • 2 min read

    Staying In Contact With Your Music Industry Connects Is Key


    As an artist, you benefit greatly from meeting and connecting with people within the music industry. However, once you make these links, it is important to maintain them. While we realize that it can be challenging to keep up with everyone with the daily hustle of growing your career, you must make time to check in with your associates so that you do not miss out on any opportunities.


    Send a Weekly Email

    Send out a weekly email to check in with your contacts. Find out what they are working on and share what projects you are working on. There may be a chance to collaborate, but you won’t know if you do not reach out.


    Stay Connected on Social Media

    Let your industry contacts know you are thinking of them by tagging them in Instagram posts or on your Story. This will keep you fresh in their minds and is an easy and effective way to keep the lines of communication open. Also, if you have a new IG post featuring your music or new video, direct message it to them, inviting them to check it out.


    Invite Them to Events

    If you are performing or hosting an event, extend an invitation for your contacts to attend. If they come to support you, this is a great way to showcase your talent. Word of mouth is always the best promoter, so if a record label exec visits your show or sends their representatives to see you, the word can quickly spread about what you have to offer as an artist.


    Attend Their Events

    In addition to inviting your contacts to your events, attend theirs. You never know who you may run into at an industry function, so do not underestimate the networking potential. Even if it is the birthday party of a popular producer, if invited, show up and be social. Introduce yourself to fellow guests and exchange contact information, all while having a good time. It’s a win-win


    No matter how you choose to stay in contact with your music relationships, it would be best if you did it. In the end, it is not always what you know but who you know. 



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