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    Spotify Video Podcasts Is Helping Creators Reach More People

    • 2 min read

    Spotify Video Podcasts Is Helping Creators Reach More People

    We have suggested that artists enter into the podcast space to help grow their music careers in past blogs. Multiple recording apps make this a much easier feat than it once was. Many new podcasters opt to use Anchor to record their show. It’s free, extremely easy to use, and distributes to major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and iHeartRadio. Seeing the boom in podcasting, Anchor is now offering creators a video component, which allows them to record and edit visuals all within the interface. What’s even better is that Spotify, which purchased Anchor, now has visual podcasts, so Anchor will place your video directly on the streaming platform.

    Video Podcasts are now available to all Anchor creators in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. This latest offering also comes with monetization opportunities, such as Spotify’s Podcast Subscriptions. The service can help turn your Anchor-created visuals into cash on Spotify when your listeners tune in. Video Podcasts can still take advantage of Ads by Anchor, which offers a slew of money-making options, including Automated ads and Anchor Ambassador ads.

    Unlike YouTube, which forces users to watch videos only in the app, Video Podcasts allows listeners to exit Anchor and Spotify to listen in the background. While that may not mean anything to some people, this feature gives podcasters using the platforms an advantage over creators who exclusively post on YouTube.

    Another great element of Video Podcasts is that you may upload already completed visuals to Anchor. That means you do not have to record your visual content exclusively with Anchor to share it.

    Video Podcasts have been made possible through a collaboration with Riverside. FM, studio-quality audio and visual recorder. Content can be created with one host and up to seven guests.


    Many artists have found success in podcasting, including Joe Budden, T.I., Nore, Jeezy, the Geto Boyz, and several others. The field of podcasting has grown in popularity among musicians because it gives them an additional outlet for expressing themselves and connecting with their fellow artists.

    We are not here to convince you to start a podcast because building a successful show takes time, just like all your other music duties. However, if you are interested, join Anchor and experiment with the Video Podcasts distributed to Spotify. You’ll be glad you did.

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