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    Several Ways To Use Your Instagram Story To Engage With Your Fans

    • 2 min read

    Several Ways To Use Your Instagram Story To Engage With Your Fans


    Instagram Stories are a great way to engage with your fans without overcrowding your Instagram page. Since the stories are only available for 24 hours, the content won't build up over time, giving way to new Story posts. Here are a few ways that artists can use their Instagram Stories effectively. 


    Behind-The-Scenes Footage

    Giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at you recording in the studio or making your latest music video will always get lots of engagement. This type of quick content is ideal for your Instagram Story. 


    Mention Other Users In Your Stories

    One of the easiest ways to spread your content to audiences that aren't already following you is to tag other people in your Instagram Stories. If you are previewing behind-the-scenes footage from a music video, tagging the cameraman can be helpful to both of you. Your followers can quickly navigate to their profile from your Story, and the cameraman can then add your Story post to their's because they are tagged in it. It's a cross-promotional win-win. 


    Use The "Questions" Feature

    Interacting with your fans via a Q&A is a great way for them to get to know you personally and for them to find out about upcoming projects and shows. Instagram Stories is making this easier than ever with their "Questions" feature. Next time you post a Story, simply click the smiling sticky note icon at the top and select "Questions." The box will automatically pop into your Story, where your followers can then ask you anything.


    Add Music To Your Story

    With the music feature, you can quickly add your music to your Story without Instagram hassling you about playing music without permission. This is also very useful for your followers who may not know the name of one of your tunes. When you post your Story, click the music icon at the top and search for your name. If your music is already being distributed on major streaming platforms, it will be in the music catalog on IG. 


    Get Followers Input With Polls

    Like the "Questions" feature, Polls are a great way to get your followers involved in decisions you make as an artist. You can add a Poll to your IG Story about your upcoming album's title. Have fans vote on the one that they like best. You can add a Poll to your Story the same way you did with the "Questions" feature. Just make sure you click the Poll icon instead.


    So now that you've gotten familiar with several different features offered by the Instagram Story go ahead and give them a try. We promise the outcome will be a great one for both you and your supporters. 


    Blogged by @cakedupdrippedout