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    Several Mistakes Not To Make As a New Rapper

    • 2 min read

    Several Mistakes Not To Make As a New Rapper


    Being an artist is an act of trial and error. Some things will work effortlessly for you, while some will not. However, several elements could seriously hinder your career. We’ll explore a few things that you should avoid to have longevity in the music career.


    Don’t Neglect Your Writing Schedule

    Having a set time to write your music is essential. Many artists who have flopped have failed to designate time to block out the noise and formulate their songs. Even if you rely heavily on ghostwriters, you should still practice your own writing as a backup plan.  


    Don’t Rely On Too Many People

    Nearly every successful artist will tell you that having a good team around them is vital. However, make sure that you do not depend on too many people to handle your affairs. Do not lose sight of the day-to-day happenings of your career. Being hands-on can guarantee that things are getting done correctly. 


    Never Stop Learning The Business

    From learning music business terminology to properly paying taxes as an artist, you can never know too much about the industry. As an artist, you are a business. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask questions. Smart Rapper and Music Gateway are great resources for learning the ins and outs of the music business. Also, refer to our list of music industry podcasts that provide insightful information about the business. 


    Never Stop Marketing Your Music 

    Just because you don’t have any new music to promote does not mean that you need to stop marketing your old tunes. Consistently market your music, even if it means just making a social media post daily or running a paid ad on Instagram of an old record. 


    Never Stop Networking

    Always make sure that you are sharing your music with the right people. It is never too late to network. Connect with DJs, producers, bloggers, and fellow musicians on social media. Introduce yourself and let them know what you are currently working on and your past work. Don’t wait until your new project is about to drop. Build relationships all year round to land more eyes on your music when it does arrive. 


    While there is no concrete rule book to success, be sure that you avoid bad habits and give your career the best chance of survival. 



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