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    Several Merch Ideas For Artists

    • 2 min read

    Several Merch Ideas For Artists


    Fans want something from their favorite artists that they can hold on to. Having quality merchandise, even for independent artists, is a great way to provide your supporters with products in between music releases or ahead of new music. Here are a few merch ideas that are worth investing in.


    Vinyl Records

    Selling vinyl of your music is for a more skilled artist willing to spend big bucks on their merch. The sound is crisp, and the aesthetic is pleasing in any home. However, it costs a great deal to produce these. In general, vinyl can cost nearly $400 per record. Nevertheless, if you have the budget to get some made for your merch store, it is worth the investment. 



    Everyone loves a good t-shirt. Therefore, having t-shirts printed is the most apparent merch choice. Providing something that people can wear is like having a walking advertisement. Even if a person is not a fan of the artist, if the shirt features a quality graphic and good material, they will buy it. Also, with thousands of companies offering screen printing these days, having shirts printed can be extremely cost-efficient. 



    Much like t-shirts, most people will appreciate a good hat, even if they are not followers of the artist or band it represents. Classic styles such as bucket hats or dad hats are a great go-to for merch. These can also be reasonably priced. Having these on stand-by at your shows or in your digital store is guaranteed to catch your fans' attention. 



    Stickers are a good piece of merchandise that is likely the least expensive option on this list. These make for great keepsakes, especially for those who enjoy decorating their electronics or notebooks with stickies. 



    Living in the COVID-19 age, masks are essential. While the world has opened back up, many places, such as airports and medical offices, still require face coverings. Print your logo on a few masks, and be sure to have these as an option, or even consider bundling them up with the t-shirts. 


    Providing your fans with merchandise can ensure that you are not forgotten as an artist. When considering which merch option to invest in, remember that quality is vital. 



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