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    Pros & Cons of Posting Your Beats On SoundCloud

    • 1 min read

    Pros & Cons of Posting Your Beats On SoundCloud


    SoundCloud is a melting pot for musicians trying to get their music discovered. Producers take advantage of this platform by posting their beats in hopes that artists will choose them for their next project. While this is a great tool to get your beats noticed, it also has cons. 


    Let’s explore the good and the bad of sharing beats on SoundCloud.



    • A large community of artists you can network with
    • All of your beats available in one place
    • Allows artists to listen to and inquire about beats their interested in easily
    • Easy to upload
    • You can easily incorporate your purchase link
    • You can make money by using Repost by SoundCloud



    • Beats can be used without your permission
    • You can become known as the “SoundCloud producer,” which like the “SoundCloud artist,” has a negative connotation attached to it
    • It might not have the critical trending strength for all types of music


    If you are serious about having your beats on SoundCloud, here are a few things you can do to ensure your success:

    • Include all website and social media links on your profile
    • Include quality artwork with your beats
    • Add audio tags to your beats
      • In the event that people use your beats without your permission, your audio tag will make your beat easily identifiable and will help you take action
    • Always include “buy now” links


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