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    Promoting With SayCheese TV Is Worth Every Dollar

    • 2 min read

    Promoting With SayCheese TV Is Worth Every Dollar

    Since launching in 2011 by Philadelphia native Shawn Cotton, SayCheese TV has grown a massive social media following of over one million. They began as a media company that would travel to different cities, recording underground artists' freestyle. Now, the company has ballooned into one of the most sought-after promotion platforms for independent musicians, with many of them finding success after working with SayCheese. 


    SayCheese TV has helped artists such as Jackboy, Mo3, Spotemgottem, Nardo Wick, and countless others get their music out to the masses. Artists are interviewed, and their music is posted on the platform's YouTube channel, which garners thousands of views. Even on the low end, a SayCheese interview will attract 13,000 views. Content on their Instagram profile will get thousands of views as well.


    While SayCheese is an excellent opportunity for underground artists, it should be noted that it will cost you. A post on their Instagram can run you anywhere in the hundreds or even thousands, so make sure that this is something you can afford to do. If so, the benefits are worth the money.


    Benefits of promoting with SayCheese TV:

    • Increases exposure to new fans
    • Increases exposure to record labels
    • Likely to go viral
    • Increases music streams
    • Increases music streams


    We're sure we have only scratched the surface with reasons why SayCheese TV is a great marketing tool. However, take a look at some of the content on their platforms and the type of engagement they're getting. SayCheese TV has the potential to grow your career immediately.






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