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    Paying For a Feature? Here Are a Few Things to Consider

    • 2 min read

    Paying For a Feature? Here Are a Few Things to Consider


    As an indie artist, collaborating with other artists is a great way to cross-promote. If you are working with an artist who has more clout than you, a collab could help skyrocket your career. However, this often comes with a price. If you are prepared to spend a few hundred or a few thousand to secure this feature, it is crucial that you are aware of what you are getting. Let’s go over several key things you should be asking before you hand over your hard-earned money.


    What Type Of Feature Are You Getting?

    Know the type of feature you are paying for. Is the artist providing you a verse, or are they recording the hook for the record? Are you looking for them to record an interlude for your mixtape or narrate the entire project? Make sure these questions are asked and answered before paying for anything.


    Also, it is essential to know if the feature price includes recording a music video. If you want to make a meaningful impact with the guest feature, a visual can be helpful. However, often there is an additional fee for the artist to appear in the video.


    Is Promotion Included In the Feature Price?

    You must ask the artist or their manager if they are willing to help push the music as part of the booking fee. If the artist has a large following, then a social media post from them can help you earn new fans, but do not assume that your fellow musician will do this as part of their feature. Always ask.


    Will the Music Video Be Included On Their YouTube Channel?

    If the feature price includes a music video, make sure to ask if the artist will add the visual to their YouTube channel. This is another means of pushing the song so having it on two channels is a great way to maximize viewership.


    A feature from a popular musician can boost your career, but make sure that you are not being finessed. Never be afraid to question where your money is going and what you have to gain from the collaboration.


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