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    Mixtapes, EP's, LP's & Album's; Which One Are You Releasing?

    • 2 min read

    Mixtapes, EP's, LP's & Album's; Which One Are You Releasing?


    Today, an entire body of musical work is either a mixtape, an EP, an LP, or an album. While they all appear the same on the surface, it is essential for artists to know the difference so that they can effectively choose which one they are going to release. Here is a brief overview of each one.



    This is a common way for artists in the Rap and R&B genres to release their music. One of the reasons rappers and R&B stars use this is that it can help a musician appeal to the masses and increase their popularity. These projects are usually free on mixtape hosting websites and are used to keep fans at bay before an artist releases their full studio album. 



    After you’ve dropped your mixtape, you should be somewhere hard at work readying the album. An album is typically a more professional-sounding release, usually having more songs than a mixtape. It is generally released in such a way that Nielsen Soundscan can track it. For artists bonded by a recording contract, albums count toward the completion of the contract. While artists are responsible for the creative and performance portion of an album, the record label is in charge of orchestrating features and footing the bills for the production. 



    Long Play, also known as an LP, is very similar to an album. The only real difference is them being more prevalent on vinyl versus CD. Aside from that, they are usually regarded as albums. 



    Extended Play, also known simply as an EP, is a cross between a mixtape and an LP. It is a music collection that usually contains somewhere between four and six records, with a maximum run time of 25 minutes. 


    Any of these methods will serve your overall goal as an artist, which is to release music. However, be sure to think long and hard about how you want your musical project to resonate with fans and whether or not you are looking to make money off of it. No matter which one you decide on, just don’t keep your fans waiting for too long. 


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