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    Instagram Is Slowing Down Reels Payouts. Here's How to Keep Earning

    • 2 min read

    Instagram Is Slowing Down Reels Payouts. Here's How to Keep Earning


    We told you in a previous article that Instagram was cutting back on the money they pay for Reels. This is why being creative in your Reels is imperative to continue making money on the platform.

    As we always say, Viral Media Boost is here to get you paid for your music and content. That is why we've put together a list of unique IG Reel ideas to help you stand out amongst your peers and rank higher on IG. 



    If you are an artist, you want to get your followers familiar with you and your music. Make a Reel introducing yourself to the world. It does not only have to be about your music. You can let your followers know what you enjoy, a fun fact about you, etc. People want to become familiar with the person behind the music in today's world. This type of content is extremely popular. 


    Music Video Clip

    Not long ago, we told you about the importance of your "coming soon" content. These are the previews, snippets, and flyers about your upcoming music, events, etc. Sharing music videos as Reels is no different and is fail-proof. Your audience is always eager to see what new projects you are working on. Well-shot visuals get high engagement. Use your music videos that have already been shot and recorded for Reels.


    Advice Reels

    Give your audience advice. You can drop music gems such as marketing strategies, money-making tips for indie artists, or how to make a music video budget. If you want to make it fun and less formal, have your followers send in relationship or dating questions. This allows you an opportunity to show off your character, something that viewers will appreciate. 


    Compilation of People Listening to Your Music

    Fans often send artists videos of them bumping their music. If you get these in your DM, be sure to save them. Make a Reel with every clip of people enjoying your tunes that you can find. This will show your audience that you have a buzz and is also a way to show listeners that you appreciate them. 


    Fan Q&A

    Many artists and creators use the IG Questions feature on their Story but consider using those questions to create a Reel. Even add some of your music to it to make it even more personal. Again, this is another great way for followers to get to know you outside of music.



    Save this list for the next time you have trouble coming up with Reel ideas. Remember, Instagram is starting to get a bit stingy with their payouts, so you need to be strategic with how you post Reels to ensure that you are still considered high ranking on the platform. 


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