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    How To Put On a Livestream Concert From Home

    • 2 min read

    How To Put On a Livestream Concert From Home


    For artists to survive 2020, they had to get creative. Livestream concerts became the norm during the pandemic, and even though outside is back open, they are still a popular choice for fans leery of returning to arenas and clubs. For instance, the VERZUZ platform continues to draw thousands of viewers with their live-stream concerts. As an indie musician, you can do it too. Here are a few tips on how to put on a successful home concert.


    Find the Streaming Platform

    For your home concert, you will need to decide which platform you want to stream on. YouTube, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and Triller are all reliable ways to live-stream for your performance to your fans. All of these are easy-to-use for both the artist and the viewers.


    Market Ahead of Time

    As with every aspect of your musical career, you will need to market. Begin promoting your live-stream concert weeks, if not months, in advance. Social media ads and influencer marketing are great ways to get the word out. Also, be sure to post clips of yourself performing at home as a “preview” for fans. 


    Market your gig as a relaxing event such as a “pajama concert” or “fuzzy slipper show.” Fans should be reminded that your home concert is for their comfort.


    Practice With Your Equipment

    You have to make sure that your equipment is in order for your home concert. Do several practice runs with your Wi-Fi connection, tripods, camera, lighting, sound, laptop, and microphones weeks in advance to ensure that fans can hear and see you perfectly from their devices as you perform. It may also be worth upgrading your home internet plan ahead of the show to ensure the best connection.


    Add Your Payment Info For Tips

    Make sure that your live-stream concert includes your Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, or any other payment information for fans who want to tip you. Thank fans at the end of the concert for their generous tips, even if you have not reviewed the amount you received.


    Enlist Help

    While throwing a live-stream concert can be fairly easier than an in-person performance, do not be afraid to have good help on standby. Have a few friends come over, specifically those who are tech-savvy, to assist you in running the show. One of your buddies can keep an eye on the connection, while another can watch the comment section to see what type of feedback you are getting from viewers.


    Choose a Good Spot

    Home concerts often take place inside a living room of a home or in the backyard area. Whichever part of your house you decide on, be sure that it is free of clutter, free of excess sound (you will find this out on your practice run), and free of any background objects that may be a distraction to your audience. 


    If you choose to conduct the show in your yard, be sure to check the weather for that day. 


    Now that you’re ready to throw your live-stream concert, all that is left for you to do is inhale, exhale and prepare for your big night.


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