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    How to Handle Your First Viral Scandal

    • 2 min read

    How to Handle Your First Viral Scandal


    Any artist that has skyrocketed to stardom will experience a scandal that will take the internet by storm. Take, for instance, rising rapper Nardo Wick being videotaped in bed by a groupie days ago or the countless leaked sex tapes that many musicians fall victim to. Poor appearances also go viral, such as Asian Doll's recent fallout on the Fresh & Fit podcast. Tekashi 6ix9ine is probably one of the most viral stars of this generation with his internet antics and federal criminal case.


    Instances such as these can hinder your career, depending on the situation. In other cases, they may help. Either way, you will need to know how to navigate when a scandal strikes. 


    Hire a Public Relations Professional

    Though this is someone you should hire before an incident happens, your public relations person Is the one who can stand in front of distasteful news coverage. Skilled PR reps are the ones who will issue the statements on your behalf following that offensive comment you made or allegation against you. 


    Take Your Time Addressing It

    While it may be tempting to hop on Instagram Live to clear the air after that viral bar fight between yourself and a fan, DON'T! Refrain. Speak with your PR person, manager, and anyone else on your team who advises you before addressing the issue publicly. 


    Ignore it All Together

    If you recall, an alleged beef between QC stars Migos and Lil Baby has been brewing for at least two years. There was even video footage of Lil Baby and Offset having a physical altercation. However, Migos never responded, and Lil Baby called it "cap." Both parties allowed the rumors to fizzle, which demonstrates the importance of sometimes letting a situation fade without giving it much attention.


    Social media has a short attention span. A new internet moment will come along and take the spotlight off of you. Sometimes, silence is the best policy.


    Use it to Your Advantage

    If the viral scandal you are involved in seems to last a while, capitalize off of it. Take this time to release content, preferably music. With all of the heightened interest surrounding you, show off your talents. This doesn't work for everyone, but it's worth trying, especially if you don't have PR to consult with.


    In 2022, we will offer artists more advice on various hiccups they will encounter in the early stages of their careers. 


    Viral Media Boost is here to help and guide you.