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    Four Tips For Running a Successful Facebook Music Group

    • 2 min read

    Four Tips For Running a Successful Facebook Music Group

    Building a community of supporters and fellow music lovers is vital for an artist's success. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a Facebook group. When creating your group, you must consider what your goal is for the group. Do you want to bring people together that support your music, or do you want to build a community of musicians who can promote their work and network with you and other musicians? No matter your niche, take a look at the four tips below to ensure that your group is a success.


    Set Rules

    While it may seem like micromanaging, setting rules for your group will ensure that all members utilize the group properly. If you do not want back-to-back posts of people simply promoting their latest singles or mixtapes, try designating certain promotion days for everyone to post their latest work. Consider a "Promo Monday" or "New Music Friday" to allow for promotion with structure. 


    Set Moderators

    Make sure that you are designating one person to moderate the group. This person will be in charge of approving or denying posts and keeping everyone informed of the group rules.


    Get the Word Out

    Let your current Facebook friends know about your group by sending them an invite, especially if you know they are music lovers or fans of your music. Also, do not be afraid to cross-promote your group on your Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc. 


    Engage With Group Members

    Keep the group interesting by posting interesting polls and discussion topics. Get feedback on your music and return the favor. You should be posting in your group every day in a manner that keeps members interested.


    Gathering fans and like-minded individuals in one place can spark your creativity and establish meaningful collaborative relationships. 


    Once you create your Facebook group, send your friends at Viral Media Boost the link to join!


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