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    Don't Forget to Show Off Your 2021 Spotify Wrapped

    • 2 min read

    Don't Forget to Show Off Your 2021 Spotify Wrapped


    Again, it is that time of year when Spotify releases the end-of-year stats for artists and podcasters. Spotify Wrapped offers creators a look at listening trends over the year for their music and shows. 


    This year's Wrapped feature has a few new changes, including TikTok sharing and in-app Wrapped video messaging from artists to fans. In the past, creators could only share their Wrapped results to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, Spotify recognizes how TikTok has served as a vital tool with driving streams.


    How to Access Spotify Wrapped?

    Spotify should have sent you a link to view your 2021 Wrapped. If you are an artist, then it will include the number of streams your music received this year, the number of listeners, the number of hours people spent streaming your tunes, and the number of countries where your music was streamed. For podcasters, your number of new episodes, countries, and the percentage that your streams have increased will be displayed. Some podcasters have reported the number of hours has been shown in their Wrapped as well. 


    If you have not received the email link, try logging into your Spotify account. The Wrapped should be on the homepage. 


    What Should You Do With It?

    Share your Spotify Wrapped! This is a great tool to showcase your work and growth over the year. Your fans will appreciate seeing these statistics. Feel free to brag about your accomplishments by posting your Wrapped on your social media profiles. You've worked hard all year and deserve to boast a little!


    When you post your Spotify Wrapped results, tag @vmbnetwork. We'd love to congratulate you!



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