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    Content Ideas For Artists That Are Becoming Popular In 2022

    • 2 min read

    Content Ideas For Artists That Are Becoming Popular In 2022


    Here at Viral Media Boost, we are always on the hunt for innovations that can get you more views. In the ever-evolving social media world, several new trends can help you drive engagement. It is essential to identify new types of content that are gaining popularity because you want to make sure your platform benefits from them. 

    Today, we will explore two new content trends that artists and creators overall are using to help boost their careers. 


    Platitudes have replaced the quintessential celebrity quote graphics that were popular on Instagram years ago. While these still get the job done, quoting yourself and making eye-catching motivational graphics is the new wave. Simply come up with a platitude (quote) and a graphic to accompany it. Keep in mind, this graphic should include your profile picture or a universal photo of yourself that you don't mind using over and over. Try to post these daily as your profile's "signature" content piece. Apps such as Canva and PhotoGrid make this process very simple.

    Supporter Spotlights

    Your fans are one of your biggest assets. They will support your content and keep money in your pocket. For this reason, you should always designate time to recognize them. As with the platitudes, try coming up with a quote to express your gratitude and add a photo of the fan you're highlighting. Or, if you want to keep it simple, you can always give them a shoutout on your IG or Facebook Story. 

    While this gesture may not seem like much, this can mean a lot to fans. It allows them to see you as human and lets them know they are appreciated. In our "Give Thanks to Your Supporters With These Fan Appreciation Ideas" article, we speak more in-depth about fan recognition. 


    While posting compelling content on a daily basis is key, you must also be posting relevant content. If you need assistance with your social media promotional efforts, check out our social media promotion services.