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    Best Distribution Services To Get Your Music Heard Fast

    • 2 min read

    Best Distribution Services To Get Your Music Heard Fast


    While hundreds of music distribution companies all promise to get you the best results, several have stood out for years for their features, prices, and abilities to get artists the best royalties. Today, we'll go over a few distribution services that every musician should be using to get their music on all major streaming platforms.



    Distrokid is now one of the industry's most notable distribution services. When compared to other services, Distrokid allows you to upload your original music to platforms such as Spotify, TikTok, Pandora, and others in record time. The service fees are a one-time payment for unlimited track uploads, which is both simple and cost-efficient.



    ReverbNation adds a unique twist to the traditional music distribution industry by offering a quality social media platform for musicians. Artists can create accounts, interact with professionals, bands, and record labels, and gain fame by reaching out to other music fans. You can even sell their music and keep half of the proceeds while donating the rest to charity if they choose to.



    TuneCore is one of the best music distribution companies globally, allowing musicians to upload their songs to 150 major music streaming platforms and earn 100% royalty on them. 



    SongCast is ideal for musicians who want to distribute their music efficiently. The sign-up process is simple; the distribution process is simple; the features are excellent, including a 100 percent royalty grant and a dedicated Facebook Page to increase your followers and fans; SongCast can be a perfect choice whether you are a beginner or a professional musician.


    Overall, it is ultimately your choice in what distribution service you choose to use. However, these are four that we can swear by. If you are on the fence, the reviews speak for themselves. No matter which service you use, always keep in mind that you will have to pick one at some point to get your music on all of the major streaming platforms. 


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