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    Before Paying For Streams or Followers, Read This

    • 2 min read

    Before Paying For Streams or Followers, Read This


    Though the idea of gaining thousands of music streams or followers on your social media with the swipe of your credit card sounds tempting, there is more than one reason why this is a terrible idea. 


    Most of These Services Are Scams

    Typically if something sounds too good to be true, it is. When it comes to most services that promise increased streams or followers, most of them are scams. Even if you do notice an increase in your streams, it is usually the result of bots. 


    Luckily, here at Viral Media Boost, we have built a system that guarantees authentic streams from actual people to who we present your music to. 


    Bots Cannot Provide Engagement

    Obtaining likes and spins on your record from bots will only drive numbers up. However, it does absolutely nothing for genuine engagement. These fake accounts cannot provide feedback, and even if they share your content, they share it with other fake accounts. 


    Also, bots cannot bring in income. Apple Music can determine whether or not a real person or a bot made a stream. If it is found that a bot played your record, you will not be compensated for that stream.


    Building an Authentic Following Will Benefit You

    While it may take longer, building a following organically by posting engaging content and interacting with followers will provide you with real fans that will spend their money on your music or any venture of yours. 


    All artists or content creators are in search of streams and increased visibility. While the slow climb to popularity may be a frustrating one, it is well worth it. Though every service is not a scam, such as the one offered by us, it is important that you do your research before paying your hard-earned money for fake interactions. 


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