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    All Indie Artists Should Be Filming “Day in the Life” Content

    • 2 min read

    All Indie Artists Should Be Filming “Day in the Life” Content


    There are endless types of content that indie artists can put out to engage their followers. However, “Day in the Life” vlogs seem to be a major eyecatcher. These types of videos usually document the day-to-day moves of an artist or creator. It aims to give viewers an inside look at everything that goes into creating and promoting music. It also serves as a great marketing tool.


    Today, we’ll explore what should be included in your “Day in the Life” content that your fans and fellow musicians will appreciate.


    Studio Sessions

    Footage of yourself in the studio should always be a part of your “Day in the Life” vlog. Fellow artists need to see you in the booth and your method of laying down tracks. It’s motivational and educational for those wanting to know the inner workings of music-making.



    The reality is that many indie artists still work nine to five jobs while chasing their dreams. Your fans and fellow artists would love to see the job you do to fund your music endeavors. Other musicians can relate to this and find comfort in the fact that they are not alone in the grind.



    The “rapper lifestyle” sells. Therefore, don’t be afraid to indulge in jewelry, fashion, and clothing shopping while a friend follows you around filming the entire thing. Many people enjoy watching the come-up, but they also appreciate seeing you enjoy the fruits of your labor. And in the end, the “lifestyle” helps market records.


    Family Life

    Often, rappers do not showcase their family’s. However, this is content that many will find interesting. It shows the true essence of an artist and the people who are in their corner cheering them on. If your family is comfortable being on film, offer your day-to-day life with them and their views on your profession.



    Backstage footage should always be included in your “Day in the Life” vlogs. The before and after preparation shows your fans and fellow musicians how you plan and conduct your concerts. 


    Show Your Losses

    Get vulnerable with your fans. Show the good and the bad of the music industry. Did your website crash? Was your show recently canceled? Were you fired from your job and now unable to pay for your studio time? Show these life instances to your supporters. It is all a part of your career. Do not be ashamed of your setbacks. This is likely something other artists are going through. Let them know that they’re not alone.


    Videos get more engagement than photos do on Instagram. For this reason, you should invest time in those “Day in the Life” videos. Dedicate yourself to recording one every month and pay attention to the type of feedback you receive. 


    Tag us in your “Day in the Life” videos!


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