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    4 Tips For a Successful Indie Tour

    • 2 min read

    4 Tips For a Successful Indie Tour


    Touring is one of the best ways an artist can interact with their fans and get their music heard. However, a successful tour takes a lot of work, proper preparation, and a dependable team. Below, we'll discuss a few tips for a successful tour that'll leave supporters yearning for more.


    Promote Your Tour Stops

    With the rise of social networks, every musician can now promote their gigs more efficiently than ever. Make sure you're promoting your stops on your social media accounts and directing people to the venue's sites to help spread the word. Also, conduct some research to locate local media.

    Reach out to music blogs and influencers with large followings to post about your tour schedule. Gaining as many eyes on your tour stops ahead of time will give you the best chance of a good turnout. Also, be sure you are running Facebook and Instagram ads with your tour dates that specifically appear to an audience in the areas where you will be stopping. 


    Appoint One Person to Handle Managing

    Too many hands in the cookie jar can make for confusion. That is why you should make sure to appoint one key person to handle managing the tour. This includes researching the tour stops beforehand, finding venues, living arrangements, means of promoting, etc. This person should be doing all of this way before the tour even starts to ensure no delays.


    Invest in Quality Merchandise

    As an indie artist, the opportunity to make real money directly from your performances won't come immediately, but that doesn't mean you can't make money in other ways when you do shows. Investing in quality artist merchandise such as t-shirts and hats can help you recoup some of the money you put into your tour. Many new acts can make roughly $150-$200 from selling merch.


    Link Up With Local Acts On Your Tour Stops

    Performing with local artists or bands during your tour stops is by far the best way to get in front of an audience, especially if you are a new artist. Many acts have already established a fan base where they are from, so designating a time to perform together introduces their fans to your art. Obviously, you cannot just show up in town and expect a band or musician to jump at your feet. However, if you reach out weeks or even months before your tour starts, you can build a great relationship and plan a live collaboration. 


    Touring can be an incredibly fulfilling experience, but it can also serve as a pain in the you-know-what if done wrong. There are many factors to consider when planning a tour, and this list just scratches the surface. Think of all that you are trying to accomplish with your tour and write down tools to help you achieve this. 


    Good luck on the road.


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