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    3 Ways to Overcome Your Stage Fright

    • 2 min read

    3 Ways to Overcome Your Stage Fright

    Even the most skilled artist will occasionally experience stage fright. So for new acts, this can be even more profound, especially during the initial performances. As you continue with your career, the stage fright will ease on its own, but there are several things you can do to help get over this small hurdle. 

    Be Prepared

    While this should go without saying, being underprepared can cause you to overthink. If you have to think about the flaws of your show, you will be worried about fan perception, which will undoubtedly lead to stage fright. 



    Find a quiet place with no distractions before your show. Turn off your phone, the television, and anything else that could be distracting. Close your eyes and center your thoughts. This will calm you down and ease your anxiety. If you need help with meditating, check out 10-Minute Meditation For Anxiety


    Talk to your audience 

    Once you finally reach the stage, don’t just perform. Interact with your crowd. Talk to them in between songs. This will lessen the awkwardness and calm your nerves. It will also take away the pressure of being perfect because you get to show the attendees more of your personality. 


    Have an energetic DJ

    If your DJ is energetic, this can help comfort you on stage. The pressure of keeping the crowd entertained will not fall solely on you. Your DJ should hype you up as well as the audience. A quiet DJ will only add to the fear you experience. 



    There is no one method to overcome your stage fright. For each artist, this process will look completely different. However, it is vital that you find a way that works for you.