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    3 Reasons Record Labels Are No Longer Needed

    • 3 min read

    3 Reasons Record Labels Are No Longer Needed


    In today’s music industry, no one wants to get signed anymore. The reason is very simple; there’s a rift in the music industry.

    There's a serious transparency problem from major labels. The reality of record label deals for music artists is gruesome. The average major label contract sees artists receiving as low as 15% of earnings from a release. It can best be described as a dinosaur business model, which is based on physical production costs.

    Hence, the relationship between the record label and the artists is taking a turn in today’s music world. And, some obvious reasons are responsible for these changes. Here’re just a few:

    • The Digitization of the Music Industry and the Boom in Music Streaming

    As at last year, 164-billion songs were streamed in the US alone. This means that every single individual on earth streamed at least 23 songs. That figure is nothing short of amazing.

    The rise of digital music distribution is changing the way music is being promoted and the way that artists reach fans. And smart artists are not sleeping on this.

    There are several stages to making music and obviously It’s a lot of work to take a track from the first beat to the final mastering step. But what’s probably more important is being part of those billion streams. 

    • The Simply of Recording and Producing Your Songs

    Creating music is now as simple as “Grabbing a laptop, any kind of audio software, and some headphones and you are good to go.” Said Robert Henke

    However, you need to realize that production is not where the work ends. It may be easy to make tunes galore these days, but getting them heard is a lot more difficult, especially if you don’t know how to go about it. Music distribution is a whole different skill set than writing, recording and producing a song. That’s why you need to know how to maximize the music streaming platforms to your advantage, or get someone to do it for you, efficiently.

    • The Rise of Music Streaming Platforms

    Whatever you do, you have to be able to put your music in front of your audience online via platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, and Pandora won’t promote your music for you. But they do give your music promotion efforts an outlet that you can monitor.

    Being able to get on to playlists, suggested streams or trending artist charts starts with proper music promotions. If you’re just promoting your music without being on the platforms it gets a lot more difficult to measure the effectiveness of your promotion. So get your music into digital music stores and start monitoring what effect your promotion has on it.

    Self promotion is vital in today’s music industry. When you first start out it’s all you have.

    Just look at Chance the Rapper, he’s never sold a record in his life. Everything he’s ever released has been free. By utilizing mixtapes and music streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloudand others, Chance has had major success doing it alone. His most recent mixtape has been downloaded over 2.3 million times. Through touring and constant creation, Chance has also been able to turn himself into a one man powerhouse. And he did it all without the help of a label—just savvy promotion and self-management. Two things that anyone can do.

    Take your destiny in your hands and push yourself to stardom. You don’t need a record label, anymore!