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    3 Mixing & Mastering Services That All Artists Should Consider

    • 2 min read

    3 Mixing & Mastering Services That All Artists Should Consider


    The most vital component of being an artist is releasing quality music. While many musicians have raw talent, the quality of their music falls on how well their tunes are mixed and mastered. Today, we'll explore three mixing and mastering services that will ensure the quality of your songs. 



    Fiverr is where you can hire this Grammy-nominated music mixer. He presently has three mixing and mastering packages available. The Gold Package is the first option, which costs only $25. This package includes a high-quality mix with free mastering and up to three revisions. Those with more advanced needs can opt for the $50 Platinum Package for $50 or the $195 Diamond Package.


    Mike's Mix and Master

    Mike's Mix and Master will handle tracks from any genre and currently provides three mixing and mastering tiers. Mike's Mix and Master has over fourteen years of combined expertise in the music industry, including eight years as a widely sought-after mixing and mastering firm.

    Their standard package starts at $126, with the Supreme package priced at $175. If you are only interested in mastering, you can purchase that service for only $50.


    Kevin Carafa

    Based in Portland, Oregon, Kevin is a professional audio engineer who also advertises his services on Fiverr. Kevin's mixing and mastering services start at just five bucks, making him the most cost-efficient option on this list. 

    The basic $5 package includes a quick mix with level adjustments. However, if you need a little more of Kevin's expertise, you can add additional services such as pitch and timing or upgrade from Standard Mastering to Advanced Mastering for another $10.  


    As we always say, there are many other affordable and high-quality options out there that you are free to try. However, these three have been shown to yield great results. Give either of these a try next time you're in the market for mixing and mastering services. 


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