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    3 Independent Spotify Curators To Submit Your Music To

    • 2 min read

    3 Independent Spotify Curators To Submit Your Music To


    Getting your music on Spotify playlists is a matter of reaching out to the right Spotify curators. These individuals receive, select, and add music to Spotify playlists, which users then listen to. Playlists generate millions of streams per day, which is why as an artist, having your music land on popular playlists is the perfect way to present your music to a new audience.  

    There are two kinds of Spotify curators: official Spotify curators employed by the streaming platform to manage editorial playlists and independent Spotify curators that have amassed attention to their playlists by having impeccable taste in music. 


    While getting in touch with the official curators may prove difficult, the independent ones are much more accessible. Here is a list of three that you should submit your music to pronto.


    Pitch Playlist

    If you are looking to gain new fans by having your music featured on some of Spotify’s best playlists, Pitch Playlist is the way to go. Their system operates in tiers, with tier 1 being the least expensive. For $375, you are guaranteed placement on 15-30 active Spotify playlists. These placements will bring in 25,421+ new organic streams, all from real followers. Tier 2 offers placement on 30 to 60+ active Spotify playlists, with a guaranteed minimum of 50,231+ new streams for $725, while tier 3 promises placement on 60-90+ active playlists for $1,375. 



    MySphera is a less costly Spotify curator option. This service charges per track, beginning at $19.99 for one record. Your record will be included on various Spotify playlists and will reach a minimum of 2,500 real people. The Premium package, which costs $29.99 per track and reaches over 5,000 people on Spotify, is their most popular. With the purchase of this package, artists will be featured on various playlists and social media platforms.



    Soundplate is one of the most sought-after Spotify curators, mainly because they are entirely free. All you have to do is select a playlist from which you believe your song would fit best and click submit. They even provide a free track analyzer tool, which allows you to quickly obtain statistics on any Spotify song, increasing your chances of having your music placed on specific playlists.


    While there are many other curators out there promising to get your music placed on playlists, these three have proven themselves to be the best time and time again. Choose any one of these and let us know how many spins you get on your latest record.



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